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Dear Mr. Graff:

It appears that the parties were able to build upon the foundations laid in the two mediation hearings held before you and reach a final settlement in this matter.  We will so report to the Court once papers are finalized.  I write on behalf of both parties to thank you for your able assistance in this complicated matter.

Sayward Mazur, Esq.

Mazur, Carp, Rubin & Schulman, P.C.
1250 Broadway, Suite 3800
New York, New York  10001
Phone:  (212) 686-7700   Ext. 520
Fax:       (212) 532-1425
[email protected]



Michael – Thank you again for your mediation services in the above referenced case.
I am a frequent user of ADR services, including Court ordered and voluntary mediation.
I found you to be particularly effective in bringing the parties together in difficult circumstances.
You understood the legal issues, were always well prepared, and had a good sense of the intangible elements that needed to be considered to produce a settlement.  You were also persistent which was clearly necessary to resolve this matter.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


Robert Kraus


Kraus & Zuchlewski LLP,
500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5100
New York, N.Y. 10110
Tel. 212-869-4646
fax. 212-869-4648



Good result. Thank you for your patience, persistence and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with you.



[email protected]
T: 212.468.4825
F: 212.974.7037
1740 Broadway, New York, NY 10019


Dear Mr. Graff:

I write to advise you that the parties have reached a settlement of the above matter. Thank you for all your efforts, which were certainly instrumental in reaching that settlement.

Glenn P. Berger
Jaffe & Asher LLP
600 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 212-687-3000
Fax: 212-687-9639

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